Restoration and Hydro Electric Project, and Mental Health

I've been busy as of late looking for employment with no success. The corona virus may significantly slow the process down however. So I'm trying to keep myself occupied mentally with various projects. Firstly, my mental health is okay, but I still can't focus long enough to start or complete projects that interests me. I'm … Continue reading Restoration and Hydro Electric Project, and Mental Health

Working on a Project. More updates later.

It's been a long time sine I last posted a blog post. I've a few updates to share, but won't be covering them in this post, but in my next. I am however, working on a few small restoration projects at the moment, to occupy myself while I search for new employment. Rusty, blunt hatchet. … Continue reading Working on a Project. More updates later.

100 Days of Walking

It seems, each year in recent years the Newstalk radio station in Ireland, with Dr. Ciara Kelly at the forefront, promotes 100 days of walking for health and fitness. I've begun taking part on the 1st of January, with a short two day rest, but I still took a short walk each day. Newstalk and … Continue reading 100 Days of Walking

New Year New Whatever!

It's that time of year again for all that resolutions shit and what not. I don't believe in setting a resolution, or at least starting a New Years resolution in January. Most seem to loss their motivation by the end of the month for one reason or another. I suppose one reason for resolutions like … Continue reading New Year New Whatever!

Book of Inspirational Quotes and Short Stories

I've had an idea, to compile a book of inspirational quotes and short stories from contributors. The topics for stories could be written from a mental health or LGBT perspective or both. These could be in the form of short stories, limericks, poems, a photo with a back story or anything that could convey a … Continue reading Book of Inspirational Quotes and Short Stories


It's been a while since my last post. My weight loss is still on track, but I seem to be getting a little lazy. I'm finding it difficult to stay motivated to exercise outdoors in the cold weather, despite having warm clothing I can wear. I'm getting through my bills. I've paid a large phone … Continue reading Updates

ADHD – Awaiting a Psychology Appointment

I've had my regular Psychiatry appointment this afternoon, and I feel like I've been taken seriously for a change. Besides Bipolar and Anxiety, I've always struggled with concentration and ability to focus long enough to get projects done. I always found something new to work on, before finishing previous tasks. Thankfully I'm being referred to … Continue reading ADHD – Awaiting a Psychology Appointment