Betting Data Application

What is the Betting Data Application?

The betting data application gathers future horse racing data, such as races, times, horses participating in a race and odds of each horse winning. Odds data is then used to calculate an overall probability of a given horses chance of winning a race.

The data can then be sent to subscribers, who sign up for €5 per month. Subscribers will receive data daily via email, until a functional and mobile apps are developed and released to the public.

How to access the data?

Potential subscribers can email me at, where you will be added to a mailing list and sent a link to my PayPal account. Access will cost €10 per month.

Future Developments

Future developments will include mobile apps and a fully functional website, allowing subscribers to see up and coming races and compare actual bets against simulated bets. Any subscriber will be given early access to all future features.